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David Werner
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Thank you for the kind words. I still routinely do this to myself, it's tough to walk the fine line between challenging your body enough to force adaptation and overdoing it.

You have to do two conflicting things, get moving as soon as you can - and let the accute phase of your injury heal. So far it sounds like you are doing it just right, but make sure that you are getting enough sleep and go back to the hyper-extensions if you've gotten away from them. The coaching is a must. And those of us with "issues" have to be very conservative about adding weight. The time to start back with weighted Deads and Squats is when they don't cause "too much" pain (highly subjective - you'll have to teach yourself).

The real key here is patience and persistence, everytime this happens treat it as a learning experience and get better at noticing the warning signs. Eventually you will have technique that many will envy, they just won't realize what it cost you to achieve.

Good Luck
Dave Werner
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