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Re: increasing strength endurance

Originally Posted by Abeli Shengelia View Post
i rad it,my goal is to improve endurance in this exercises.Your programm is oposite of everything what i rad from articles,acccording to them to improve strength or muscular endurance you need to do high sets,low reps and short rest period...
There are strict training programs for each activity,i think there cannot be different training programs to achieve same confused..

Actually low reps won't build endurance. I could do 66 pull ups in sets of 22 sets of 3. It doesn't get me gassed out. Yes, you can gradually add a rep to that. It's very slow work. Doing reps that way will build neural strength but won't do a lot for building up ability to process lactate and increase muscle fiber volume. My approach would do all that.

You can also grease the groove. It's a volume approach.

Just pick and approach and work it for a 2-3 months. You can always try another way afterwards.
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