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Re: My Video Training Log (For Critique Purpose)

Originally Posted by Daniel Frankel View Post
Week 1, Day 4

- Power Snatch - 70% x 3 x 5
100x2x2 (Missed one snatch on one set, and one snatch was a full squat on another set)
- Snatch High-Pull - 70% (of sn) x 3 x 5
- Snatch Push Press + Overhead Squat - 70% (of sn or ohs) x 5+1 x 5
115.5x(5+1)x5 (I'm not used to dropping the bar back down on my back. It hurt on some reps, I hit one of my vertebrae a couple times).

Todays video. (NSFW, because I don't remember if I swore, and I don't have time to rewatch it)

What I'm interested in specifically:
- How do I drop the bar on my back without it hurting? Keep doing what you're doing, it'll get better as you get used to it. Try and slow down a tad and control the lowering a bit more if you can. It's not a race to get the set done!!
- Is the bar placement right on my back during the Snatch Push Presses (Why I took my shirt off. I've been low barring for so long it hurts to but the bar in the HB position) Yes, bar position is fine
- Am I leaning too much backwards during my snatch high-pulls?Personally, I don't think so. However, I would caution about using the arms too much when doing the pulls, you don't want to be in a habit of using arms too much. Again, don't try and race through the set, let yourself get set for each rep and focus on that start position. There were a couple times where your hips are rising too fast because you're rushing through it.
Answers are above in bold to your question. I didn't sit through the entire vid, but watched a couple sets of each exercise. Biggest thing is not to rush, either through the set, or the start of the pull.
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