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Re: Compression Gear

Originally Posted by Jay Rhodes View Post
Contact Greg Light (he's all over the boards here)

He's getting started up with compression gear products.
Sent me some compression socks and they actually feel like compression gear, most "compression" items just seem to be overpriced tights.
Thanks for the shout-out Jay. Our site will be up by the end of the week. I think people will really like the price/quality relationship we have. Our sales are all completed online, so there is no retail markup that you find with most of the other brands out there. I'll post a link to our site when its up along with a CF message board coupon code in case anyone is interested. Prices after coupon codes and including shipping for people on here will roughly be as follows:
SS Shirts - $32
LS Shirts - $37
Shorts - $27
Pants - $37
Socks - $25

We've been selling some socks directly on here and everyone has been very happy so far. Our clothing arrives tomorrow.
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