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Re: crossfit- BAD SIDE EFFECT

Originally Posted by Erin Hightower View Post
And the side effect is...stretch marks
I'm getting them on my love handles and HUGE one just showed up today on my thigh.

Any ways to prevent future marks?
I already have been drinking a gallon of water a day for three months and using cocoa butter.

(p.s. I was shocked. I did a search of the forums and this hadn't come up yet.)
Are you saying that the stretch-marks are from working out or from being overweight or from pregnancy?

I ask not to be rude but because of the way you referred to yourself.

Also you must remember stretch marks are scare's from the skin being pulled to tight. Scare's do heal but they can take up to two years or more to do so. There are lots of home remedies but don't get to caught up in them, moisture is the best way to treat a scare and that is why oils of all sorts work. Vitamin E can help as well but you need to rub it on the scare not swallow it.

I was once extremely overweight and had a ton of stretch-marks but as time has passed they have faded or gone away completely so just take your time and see if you can pin point the cause more than how to get rid of them.

Hope that helps
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