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Douglas Gentis
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July 11,2009 W.O.D.

Dear fellow crossfitters,
Today I had the privledge of trying out the 3 tiered pull up wod for July 11th 2009,and found out very quickly that I couldn't even budge my body over the bar with 45lbs at my feet so I tried scaling down until I had only 10 lbs on the dumbbell and even found that I could only get one complete repitition out, so I dropped the weight completely and did jumping pull ups instead then moved on to strict pull ups with stool underneath for assistance followed by kipping pull ups also assisted. Iam obviously really weak in this erea and need to work on my pull ups. I did not do the workout for time, I just did the best I could and completed all 10 rounds and reps I managed to get all 10 rounds out in 45 minutes, I may have to do that for a while until I can build up my upper body strength. My question is this, did I do the right thing in the workout? and if not, does any one have any good suggestions for substiutions in this area?,and how many times a week should I try to work on my pullups with out sacrificing my w.o.d.?

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