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Re: sleep apnea?

Matt... Jamie's suggestion of getting a sleep study is recommended. See a doctor and have the evaluation done. Make sure that the md does blood work for Thyroid and Iron. Both of which can cause problems with sleep, esp the thyroid .. both hyper and hypo impact sleep.

Sleep studies will cover several thing.. who knows, you may have not have sleep apnea but an undiagnosed seizure disorder or a noctural drop of blood sugar. Yet what your telling us sounds classic textbook sleep disoder.
Go get seen.

Rob, doe a search about the surgery. Jamie had it done but I posted some stats on and the pluses and minuses. It does not guarantee solving the problem.
Purchasing of equipment is easy.. if the vendor doesnt accept tri care.. just pay for it and turn in the paper and tricare usually coughs up the bill. VA system usually has equipment that they like and advocate it.
but do shop around as this market is growing with some serious cool stuff.
I have seen some cool stuff that has a computer chip and memory that records everything.. and I have seen some bare bones stuff that works fine if not better.
One company has developed a nasal mask that is a tubed shaped and has a single strap vs the full blown face mask that will back memories of the first time in the gas hut.

hit me up if you have questions
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