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Re: Progenex fails to meet label claims.

Originally Posted by Jeremy Schultz View Post
I don't workout at a box, so I can't say from experience, but are there actually CF'ers that swear that Progenex is better than other proteins? If so, do they use it because they think it works better, or because Progenex is trendy with CF'ers?

Personally, I've never used the stuff and wouldn't bother - I think I've learned by now that 99.99% of outlandish supplement claims are too good to be true.
Yeah, there are CrossFitters who swear by Progenex, wear the t-shirt when they workout, etc. I think this is actually motivated by two factors, both economic:
- Progenex sponsors Games athletes who promote it on their instagram and twitter and t-shirts, etc.
- Some CrossFitters and CF boxes are Progenex affiliates who sell the stuff for extra income

In both cases it's in their economic interest to promote it. There's also ******** and Isagenex, which are basically the same type of thing. (multi-level marketing companies, a.k.a. pyramid schemes)
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