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Re: Pretty glad I didn't sign up for the Open

Originally Posted by Ron Reed View Post
What I don't really understand is how they can market the Open as a beneficial test of fitness advancement for Joe Average Crossfitter.
Does DU's or more specifically your lack of ability to do DUs suddenly make the 1st open workout not viable for the AVERAGE Crossfitter?

You don't need to be elite, games level or even high level to have the ability to do Double Unders. Making a WoD high level or elite only is having really heavy weight. Heavy Olympic stuff or super high rep difficult BW movements - like 50+ C2B or 50+ HSPU. Making a WoD high level or elite only is requiring some sick work capacity - like 500ish+ Fight Gone Bad rep scores.

Average Crossfitter movements ARE Double Unders. What separates the bad from the good to the great is how they move, how strong they are, how explosive, how athletic and simply how fit. Not one of those adjectives are needed for Double Under mastery.

What is needed however is an honest dose of "do it every single day, for quite a while, until it is no longer an issue."

Fact is, I'm guessing you and many others haven't put forth that effort. Do you spend more time on your daily Crossfit training than you do on DUs? If so why? You know you don't have them down. Mikko Salo mentioned something like (and I'm paraphrasing) "After the 2010 games I realized many of my weaknesses, like Double Unders. It cost me points, spots and possibly the podium or the win. As for Double Unders now? Well I worked on them every single day, for as long as necessary until they are no longer an issue."

Are you telling me that is exclusive to Mikko because he is elite? No, he is willing to do what needs to be done to be called a Crossfitter. It doesn't mean to be elite or high level vs. your average weekend warrior. It means to train in a fitness program where so much is thrown at you that you are humbly shown where you are weak. You then attack those weaknesses until that is no longer the case. Isn't that how you prepare for anything?

Problem I see is, with myself included and many others, we all want the glitz and glamour of Crossfit. We want Ring Muscle-ups, high rep Olympic lifts and BW Snatch. We want to be able to do a sub 3min Fran. However, we neglect the very basic movements of Crossfit to begin with - such as Double Unders.

You need to be able to do a Pistol. Maybe not weighted but able to do it. You need DUs. You need a pull-up. You need a decent Deadlift and Back Squat. You need to be able to run 400m at a decent pace without dying. You need to understand and be able to churn through a Row interval. You need to be able to knock out push-ups like its goin' out of style. You need to be able to box jump in the 30" range. None of this is elite, high level or exclusive to those in the game for a long time. THEY ARE BASIC movements.

Instead, we gloat about "I did a WoD today that was a couplet of Bar over Burpees and Thick bar Overhead Squats because I saw Froning do it!"...then open 14.1 hits and people get all...

you know.

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