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Re: 2014 45-49 Fittest on the Planet goal

spent time trying to figure out what would be best on level on the rack. I decided to go comfortable bench. My clean is not that good so I took the front squats down low from the bench setting. After the dead lifts I wormed the bar on to the bench setting.

20-15-10 for time 185#
Bench (20= 12,8 15= 8,7 10= 7,3)
Front Squats (sets of 5 for everything)
Dead lift (20= 10,10 15= 8-7 10= 5,5)

15.14 time

Next time will keep the bench the same and go for less sets on the front squats.. I bargain with myself on them. Should go 8,7,5 8,7 then 5,5 that could take 1-2 min off the time. Could attack the deadlifts next time and shave off another min.. Next time should do sub 13.. lofty goals huh??
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