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looking for help on designing a new program

ok, so first a little background and why i am looking for a new program. i have been doing CF for a couple of years now and have seen great results and have been very happy with my progress for the most part. recently, i am becoming more and more frustrated with my Olympic lifting progress or lack there of and while my strength numbers are going up, i do not feel that what i am doing for the Oly lifting is working. so.. what i would like to do is shift the focus a bit and go back to basics so i can do the Oly lifts the right way.

over the past few weeks, i have been doing a lot of reading and research and now what i would like to do is create a program that will allow me to focus on oly lifting while still continue to grow my strength as well as continue to at least do a few metcons.

after looking at many different programs and templates, i am pretty sure that the Pendlay beginner program is the best option for me since it puts a lot of emphasis on different positions and pulls which allows you to improve basic technique. a basic template will look like this one (link is SFW):

since this is a 3 day program, what i thought about doing is using it as a basic template but instead of the complexes which Pendlay puts at the end of each day, i would do a short (3-8) minute CF metcon. in addition, this will leave me with 2 extra days where i can include gymanstic work, longer metcons or the missing strength pieces (bench and deadlifts which are not part of the program).

the end result will be a 5 day program that is focused on Oly Lifting but also include your basic powerlifting (BS, FS, DL, bench and press) and will also allow me to still include CF work that will be used as GPP (i can also setup the metcons to include the accessory work that i need for that day).

any feedback, advice or ideas?
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