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Re: Crossfit at home..

Originally Posted by Richard Colon View Post
I am 100% certain that everything you want to learn to be able to do Crossfit level movements (at any level) properly you can learn for free using your computer at home. This includes programming and Olympic lifts.
I agree with this comment 99%, for Wall Ball, HSPU, Double Unders, Kipping, Butterfly, BS, DL etc. there are fantastic sources on the CF website and on YouTube etc. BUT the snatch in particular is ridiculously hard to learn by yourself and some CF athletes and coaches have 0 idea about proper technique. This has been improving tremendously over the past few years at a games level but I would still want to learn from an accredited WL coach because (a) they are so heavily used in CF programming and (b) they put the body in a number of precarious positions.
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