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Re: Crossfit at home..

Originally Posted by Justin R Johnson View Post
I have 2 main concerns with 100% at home training.

Like was previously mentioned, if you have experience with Olympic movements, etc you should be fine, but if you don't, it may be worth attending a CrossFit gym for a while to get the movements down. Or have someone who knows what they are doing teach you the moves (different than showing you the moves), but teach you/correct you on the individual movements.

The other is programming. Random WoDs that are just made up have no end goal. You could follow the main site, that's acceptable, but I would steer clear of making up your own workouts for a while.
This! I went to a CF box for maybe 2-3 months over November-January and learned all the lifts and skills from a fantastic coach.

And this! Don't mix and match or try and make up your own/use a "hopper style app". Choose a program and follow it .COM is okay but really sporadical, it all depends on what your goals are. CrossFit Football is great for strength but you'll have to know your limitations and how to scale, CrossFit Invictus has 3 streams you can follow based on your goals or find a box local or one of the big ones and follow their programming.

Good luck!
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