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Ben - it took me four tries to make a successful go at the Zone. The first three attempts I was completely miserable. I was starving, in a horrible mood, and having migraines all the time on top of it. I was convinced that nothing that made me feel THAT horrible could actually be good for me.

A few weeks ago I gave it a 4th try and it's like night and day. No mood shifts, no headaches that I would attribute to the diet, and while I'm still hungry all the time, it's not the same ravenous feeling as the previous times.

What I credit this different to is this -- every time I tried the Zone and failed, I would still improve my diet a little bit as a result. I switched to all organic foods after one attempt, I gave up all starchy food after the third attempt, etc. So by the time I tried it this 4th time, there was less of a drastic change in my diet and therefore less of a "withdrawl" effect.

My advice -- either stick out the withdrawl, or give the Zone another shot in a few months, spending the time inbetween making some changes to your diet and getting "clean" -- then worry about the amounts and ratios when you give the Zone a second try.

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