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Re: CrossFit Gym?

The question of what best goes into an hour class should be directed to the gym in question.

At my gym I aim for less then an hour most of the time.

The heavy 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 days require you to be a little more experienced to take full advantage of them. By experienced I mean having done enough lifting to have good form and an idea of your 1 Rep Max or 5 Rep Max. This allows correct weight to be used for the 7 heavy singles.

On these days I often modify the workout for my newer clients to work on sets of 5. This allows us to start to get a feel for their strength.

I have been lifting long enough that my 7 heavy singles will start 90+% of my 1 Rep Max and will lead to PR attempt somewhere in the last three Reps. That is a serious workout.
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