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Re: Crossfit Gym?

Originally Posted by Roger Steinbeck View Post
I've done crossfit off and on for a while. just started working in a new area with a crossfit gym right down the rode, and i'm thinking of checking it out (i need something organized to motivate my *** to workout after work). the classes are an hour long, so can someone give me some idea what goes on in a 1 hour class, given that some workouts are clearly way under an hour? also, does a crossfit class give you a solid workout? i'm sure some people will disagree, but a shorter workout (1-1-1-1-1) won't cut it for me in terms of getting in a solid workout on the limited time that i have.

How is that short? if done properly, even without warmup (which you should always do), a true 1-1-1-1-1 should take you at least 15-20 minutes, that't just as long as most metcons WODs.
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