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Re: getting your affiliates name out

Speaking of websites, my single most important piece of learning I can lend in that area is DO NOT PUT YOUR WODs ON THE FRONT PAGE!! The website is a tool to get NEW people into your gym...if they click on your domain and see a workout that looks impossible they will leave and never come back. Think about this when you build your site...make it "non-CrossFitter friendly", focus on what you can provide normal, scared people to help them reach their goals. And, when you have them, make member testimonials the anchor for your website. People love to see normal people getting great put them front and center.

Other than that, provide a GREAT product (service), get great results for people, and let them spread the word about you. And hopefully you've planned for the basic rule of starting a new business, which is enough capital to to pay your bills for several months (a year would be better) without income. If not, you might be in for a rude awakening unless you're starting with an existing member base from a "garage gym" type scenario.
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