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Re: Squat and Bench Press Critique

Overall things look pretty solid.

Minor Thoughts about the squat
1.) Might want to have your head more down--either looking forward or slighty down instead of up. This might help with hip drive.

2.) Wrists are bent back--when weights start to get heavy this might become very uncomfortable and instead of pinning the weight to your back with your arms you'll be holding the load in your arms--this is a lot of strain.

3.) Depth might have been an inch high on some of the 135 and 155 set.

Minor Thoughts on the bench--I wonder if you could narrow your grip by 1/2 inch on both sides. It might not be necessary, I was wondering if your grip was too wide, but the angle of the camera might have amplified things

Finally--did you not use a spotter on the bench or squat in the cage for the video? I'd highly suggest you get a spotter on the bench especially since you are to rep out on the last set of 5/3/1, I wouldn't want a bar on your face. Also, I'd rather have the cage catch a failde squat than your lower back and when you work your way up, sometimes we experience failure.

Keep up the good work. Out of curiosity what motivated you to do 5/3/1 vs. other linear progression programs?
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