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Re: Top 10 Ways to Avoid Giving a Client Rhabdo

Dr. Shaw,
Why would you necropost just to be ...difficult?

Address Dr. Jones points about CrossFit's addressing Rhabdo more than any other resource in common use. It seems that marathons ans standard military PT cause more rhabdo than CF, I've been involved with both and never heard of rhabdo until I started CFing.

CFs results are peer reviewed everyday on the internet. If you don't want a CF certification, don't spend the money. Problem solved. If you don't like the program do something different, that's cool, post about it at We didn't reach out to you looking for your opinion, we didn't even ask for it. It would be a safe assumption to say that we are as unimpressed by the CSCS cert as you are by CF Level 1.
Experience is a hard teacher because they gives the test first, and the lessons afterwards. - Vernon Sanders Law
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