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Re: Top 10 Ways to Avoid Giving a Client Rhabdo

Whoa, wait. You honestly believe that a 2 day seminar by an unaccredited organization (that does no pre- screening for applicants other than "do you have 1000 bux" and requires zero science back ground) can actually provide a better fitness education than an accredited collegiate institution with professors who have spent multiple years in the field working as coaches? Or which also provides countless hours of applied principles and experience to their students? If so I cannot be a part of this conversation anymore.

Also, where in the world did you get the idea that the principles put forth by 4 year institutions are anecdotal? Last I checked my NSCA membership came with a monthly peer reviewed research journal. Most exercise physiology programs taught in colleges are based solely on research and not mindless combination or full body exercises just to make you breathe hard.
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