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Re: Top 10 Ways to Avoid Giving a Client Rhabdo

Awesome thread, very good info.

I especially like the part about people in better shape (former athletes, military, etc) being more at risk.

I myself have had a slight case of rhabdo, and i can say beyond a doubt it was MOST unpleasant.

I had been doing crossfit at my gym for about 6 months solid, and had finally gotten to the point where i could just about do the WOD as Rx'd almost every time. People started asking me about my workouts, and after a while the owner of my gym even got into it. They started a few intro classes to see if they could drum up interest. I decided one day to try out the class just for fun.

Here is the thing that got me. I had been doing the CFWU before every WOD, but the people in charge of the class had designed their own warmup, which i didnt know about. So when the warmup started, i picked out weights that would be hard for me, according to my fitness level. You can imagine my surprise when after we were done, they detailed what the WOD was going to be. I nearly crapped myself. I had already hit muscular failure....during the warmup. Im no quitter (xfit has increased my mental toughness 10 fold, and im already a former collegiate level athlete.) so i went ahead with the workout anyway.

The workout was 5 rounds for time of DB thrusters (10), Burpees (10), 400m sprint. I used 45# db's.

I left the gym wanting to die. Woke up the next day feeling like i had the worst case of Flu ever, called in sick to work for the next few days. I was sore to the touch all over my body, i would flinch just getting in and out of bed. It felt like i was hit by a truck. My urine was a dark yellowish/burnt orange. I was contemplating going to emergency after about 3 days of it, then it started to slowly get better.

Its not something i ever want to experience again.

Be careful and pace yourselves...
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