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455 lbs Conventional Deadlift today

Since the 1/1/2008 CFT I have lost another 11 lbs (total weight loss of 53 lbs now) and my deadlift went up 20 lbs.

I deadlifted 435 on 1/1 and I did 455 lbs today, I just barely missed 465 I couldn't lock it. I have been following scaled WOD's about 2-3 days/week and a adapted version of Starting Strength\Texas method since 1/1 because of an elbow overuse injury.

With PT my elbow is obviously doing much better and I am starting to follow the WOD's again. Although I am being very cautious and scaling as needed.

Most of my training decisions were a direct result of advice and info I learned by reading the post on the Crossfit online community. This really is an incredible resource. Thank you....
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