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Yeah, it's pretty hard to beat JYT when it comes to names in kickboxing.

After thinking about this some more, I am leaning towards the kickboxing club for a few reasons:

- It has strong leadership and produces good fighters. Basically an all round good reputation.

- I've sparred with the head coach outside of the club using boxing and takedowns and I thought he was great at teaching a non-striker (me) how to feel comfortable in the ring. He was one of the main reasons I started to consider focusing on striking for the next while.

- From what I've seen during their training, they do mostly hand work and use the kicks to create space (I could be wrong, I've only seen bits and pieces, but that's my impression). Based on the comments above, the main concern with american kickboxing was not enough hand work and too much fancy kicks, so I'm not overly worried this exists at this particular club.

- I've trained at the same club for hapkido and know a few of the boxers.

- If I sign up, I can pay an extra $10/month and get access to the hapkido classes again (useful for some light grappling practise on the weekend).

- It's literally down the street from me (very convenient!)

Worst case scenario it doesn't work out and I switch to boxing.:biggrin:
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