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I just called and spoke with Crossfit-Iowa. They have 3 classes a day. Not the greatest times of the day but workable. They also said that they have a lot of people in my situation and that they tailor the WOD for everyone as you go. Not too pricey. About $150 per month for unlimited workouts. Looks good. Just had my last personal training session an hour ago.

Question: Jerry mentioned the Paleo and Zone ways of eating. It looks like I am 40-70% eating that way now. But, no bread or grains at all. I have been told to have a bowl of plain oatmeal in the morning with my egg whites and rice at lunch but no carbs after 4pm. Are these "eating paths" for die hards or do they work for everyone?

Thanks for all the quick responses it definitely helped me figure out what I needed to do quickly so I could make my decision and put the gears in motion.

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