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Thank you for your replies everyone,

I Olympic lift 3 days a week and feel that I get enough overhead exercise from that. I have a 1pood and enjoy working with it for swings but don’t feel that I have much more need for it. If I was to move away from this area and couldn't train oly anymore I would probably change over to KB's and buy the cast bells. I plan to be here for the next four years of university and as I only need something for swings (i.e. Helen) I can't justify the solid bells on my student's budget.

It would cost me approx 4 times the cost of an adjustable kb to buy a 1.5pood - to eventually upgrade to a 2 pood would take it to a total of approx 8-9 times the cost of ordering 1xhandle (which as I mentioned would be able to use equipment I already own)

Thank you especially Bruce for the recommendation of the iron woody product. It looks to be a better buy & unlike ironmind they tell you how much weight it can actually be loaded to.

Does anyone know of a particularly good adjustable dumbbell for swings? I've only handled a few types and find the handles too short for two hand work - and I dont know how to determine wether a particular dumbell can take the stress of balistic exercise.
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