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Re: 2018 CrossFit Open, Regionals and Games Thread

I actually liked most of the events at the Games this year. Wasn't a fan of the bikes since there were quite a few equipment failures, something you don't want to see given the fact that the athlete's were not in charge of them (unlike a tri where they own the bike). Yes, there were for sure some judging inconsistencies, but that's going to happen in heats of 10-15. I wish we could narrow the scope so that this was not such a big deal, I think Dave and Boz have some room to work here with ideas to get there, and they seem to solve many problems, so hopefully we will see something one day.

About testing the athlete's at Regional's, it is simply too cost prohibitive to do this. I do think you would pop several more, but what's important is that the ones who go are the ones who don't get popped. That's really the best you can do. Before long it could look like the international Olympic Lifting community and 3-6 getting popped every year. No one wants that in the sport, but everyone wants a level playing field. Hard to have the best of both worlds when it comes to PEDs.
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