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Re: 2018 CrossFit Open, Regionals and Games Thread

Originally Posted by Alex Burden View Post
I think any of the equipment used - rowers, ergs and so on can break or malfunction as long as they have a plan on how to not affect the athletes that much is vital.

seconds lost means points lost, which in turn can lead to a lower placing at the end which in the end is also prize money to the competitor.

Mind you it could have been worse....
I get that but if a rower breaks surely they have spare rowers at the ready and the athlete can be back to rowing in no time. When a bike pedal falls off on a 1200M, or whatever it was, course what you are going to do? You can't have a spare bike on every inch of the course.

So yes, equipment failures happen but 99% of events are performed in essentially one place/spot. This makes equipment replacement fairly seamless as long as they have spare equipment at the ready.
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