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Re: 2018 CrossFit Open, Regionals and Games Thread

Originally Posted by Vic McQuaide View Post
I think that its always going to be that way. Grid was a good example of judging. Those athletes were going so fast that sometimes the professional judges had a hard time keeping up. And they were fantastic at it. They had instant replay to help and rules on how to remedy the situation.

Noah Olsen was hosed in the Crit. His pedal fell off, clearly mechanical. Crit racing has mechanical stations on both sides of the coarse. So he and Pat V should have been able to get those fixed and get a free lap and finish in the pack. Extra wheels could have been around for those peeps who could have flatted. So they put so much time into the bikes, training the athletes.. could have been more informed. Pat and Noah would have been in better shape after the 1st event to give Mat F a better run.

The worst calls I saw were CLB doing her bounce strict press. I really can't believe that she did that to her judge. Almost like Brooke Wells and her hspu with new standards.

Don't even get me going on the 45+ masters men. What a S@#T show from the Masters Qual to half way thru the games.
CLB has a history of dodgy stuff at regionals and not being good to judges who hold her accountable, as does Brooke. Iíve been on the receiving end of Wellsí irritation.

What did you see that concerned you in Masters 45-49? Suffice to say I have intimate knowledge of that division....
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