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Re: Get RX'd GHD Came Today

Originally Posted by Mike Lian View Post
Hey Marshall!

very much for the review. We designed/built the GHD based on feedback from our customers and this board. It is one of our most popular items because of its easy adjustability, easy step in and out, and sturdiness.
If interested, check out the thread here: (WFS)

I also saw you guys got some slam balls! How are those doing? We recently added sizes up to 150LBs (just in case you need to go heavier) ; )

Keep us posted on what you think of the equipment and thanks for your business!
Slam balls are good to go. Mostly I use em for russian twists and stuff like that. In my CF career, slam balls have never been something I used. I do enjoy the occasional slam sesh but my conditioning these days is loading plates on a bar and chasing the occasional bad guy.

I aboslutely fell in love with the 150# balls at the Games a couple years ago and wanted to buy one but even the used ones were $$$. I made one that weighed about 100# but it exploded. I would love to have a big bugger like that someday

Re: your med balls, how do they compare to Dynamax? My wife texted me a while ago and said she wanted to get a couple med balls this weekend as we are slowly outfitting out garage gym and like to pick up the smaller items occasionally when the paychecks are fat.

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