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Re: Gaining Strength - Just crossfit?

My own experience is if I keep eating and lifting I can gain weight on a Paleo based diet. What it takes:

1) Eat 5 meals a day. For me two of these are meal replacement shakes. 2 cups whole milk, two scoops protein, one frozen banana. I use the meal replacement shakes because it makes it easier to eat enough.

2) I add some cheese, red potatoes and lots of sweet potatoes to up the carbs and calories.

3) Follow lifting program as first priority. I use 5/3/1 Boring but big.

4) Pick met-cons and rest days carefully so as to not interfere with recovery for lifting.

4.5) Sleep. A lot.

5) I will have bread or a hamburger bun if it allows me to eat on schedule during a busy day. Double turkey sandwiches and Five guys burgers happen when needed.
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