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Re: Gaining Strength - Just crossfit?

Lots of new CrossFitters see strength gains initially. It's the "novice effect" in working out. Doing SOMETHING will make you stronger than doing nothing. There will come a point where your strength will plateau or at least REALLY slow down. After 4 years of 100% CrossFit I switched to 5/3/1 for strength gains. I read Jim's 5/3/1 book as well as Rip's Starting Strength. Both great reads if you are interested in geting stronger. Paleo is not good for muscle building, you need to eat a lot and carbs too. I am messing with my programming. This week is my deload week but instead of deloading I am doing short metcons to help maintain my stamina. The metcons do not involve lifts, mainly bodyweight, kettle bells, rowing, running. I will see how this works out.
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