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Beating Bob Harper in 2014

Ok, not really so much about beating Bob (although im really going to try) but more in line with me setting some realistic goals for next year. i think i finished about 45K? Bob finished about 25K? (i cant get the results to work tonight)

Bob Harper
Week 1: 112 (05:22)
Week 2: 228
Week 3: 240 (12:00)
Week 4: 64
Week 5: 0

Week 1: 103 (09:53)
Week 2: 166
Week 3: 161 (10:02)
Week 4: 54
Week 5: 49

I'll throw my stats out and let you guys tell me what's realistic for 2014. I've been CF since jan. doing workouts from mainsite. I'm a lifetime PL but really want to be good at CF

Grace - 5:27
5K - 40:12
C&J - 200
Snatch - 165
DL - 600+ if i had to
Squat - 600+ if i had to
Max pull ups - 15
DU are 2-1-2-1 at best
MU - 0
i only have the bench marks that have shown up on mainsite since jan.

i dont have the unrealistic goal of making the games but maybe i could jump up 20K spots? I'll prob stick with mainsite in the mornings just because im used to it and i might finish the night up with the gymnastics WOD (it'd be so cool to do a handstand walk) my overall body wt is KILLING me in a lot of events even though im not really too fat (17%). i lost 10 lbs on paleo and another 12 when i realized paleo doesnt mean whole chickens at a time. my range of motion stinks but its 10x better, same with my cardio. i appreciate any input on where i might be next year. as always thanks, mike
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