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Re: New Bench PR - 400lbs at 198 bw

Originally Posted by Eric Shuty View Post
Super clean and sexy. That's the bees knees....
Originally Posted by Joey Shishineh View Post
beast mode. p.s. I like the posters on the wall
Thanks fellas. Can't take credit for the posters or the music. Those came courtesy of my globo gym.

Originally Posted by Paul Victor French View Post
Bodybuilding style bench press too, awesome work. Smooth as well.
Thanks Paul, its hard to tell from the angle, but it is actually a powerlifter mechanics bench, just with a small arch. My lats and shoulders are pulled back, elbows are ~45 degrees, and touching right around the nipple line. But you are right in that I don't have a lot (some, but not a lot) of leg drive.
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