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Re: Rogue Econ Rack

Originally Posted by Steven Nedorolik View Post
I think Rogue is missing out on not expanding the Econ line.

They would sell tons of ES-2s and ER-3s

Theres a LOT of people out there that want Rogue, but can't afford the standard line and have no need for 1k+ lb strength ratings.
I cannot agree more. There are lots of us that drool over some of the heavy machinery at Rogue, but dont have the means to purchase it. For example, I myself would LOVE to get my hands on a Y-2 Yoke. Would use the snot out of one of those, but just dont have the means to drop $600+ after shipping.

But the above comment is spot on. If they expanded the Econ line and the accessories that are available for it, they would have no problem selling loads of them. I feel the lack of accessories for the ES line is the reason that most people try to wait and save up for something in the R line due to what you can bolt to it.

And I know for sure that I will never need to use the 1000lb+ that its rated for. Way more than enough for me.
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