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Re: Anthos vs. CrossFit update

We’ve watched CrossFit grow rapidly and continuously over the last decade, outperforming so many corporations in these difficult times. While it’s understandable that the idiosyncrasies of CrossFit’s corporate management style may not be perfect for everyone, the alternatives resulting from a Glassman/CrossFit vs. Glassman/Anthos court action are far worse.

If venture capitalists are allowed to achieve the ownership that they seek, CrossFit will be changed in a way that prioritizes a profit driven, less personal and much less professional application of a superior training method. Those of us who have worked hard and learned over the years (in our case, almost seven) to develop our boxes will find our businesses significantly impacted. Maybe not immediately, but negative change will come.

Many CF’ers have no reason to concern themselves with this looming change. Their ability to workout may not be affected (unless a VC-partner-affected website starts charging for access). Affiliate owners, on the other hand, need to be aware of the potential compulsory changes to their practices. Many have reserved opinion due to a lack of tangible evidence on these boards, that’s understandable. If you want to get an idea of the type of hostile takeover attempt that is being initiated in the Arizona and Delaware courts and how it might affect your business you should take a good look at the documents in the previously posted link: (SFW).

If the sale is allowed to take place, our box, with a wide variety of athletes, will be negatively impacted. They want nothing to do with outside entities “offering” or forcing us (via unilateral changes to our affiliate agreements) to alter our business model. Our affiliate’s trainers and involved allied health professionals: yoga instructor, physical therapist and massage therapist have all worked hard to arrive at a small but effective working model that supports our athletes in a great range of their athletic accomplishments. We’ve passed on several friendly and less wise attempts to “monetize” our box. We don’t want or need this one either.

We haven’t been operating as long as some (we’re around the 48th affiliate) but what experience we have has given us a well-developed concept of the type of business autonomy we want and the type of community we want to be a part of. We are blessed to have achieved what we have and are grateful for the support of CF HQ and their staff. We just want to run a box, and not have to cater to some dilettante-silver-spoon kid’s idea of what he thinks is good for CrossFit. If the V.C.’s really want to support us and do all the warm, fuzzy stuff they’re maintaining they’ll do, they can give up a couple percent of that other half of ownership.

This poorly planned sale and attempted takeover are BS. It may be a remote possibility but if Greg and his crew go, we go.
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