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Anthos vs. CrossFit update

Tomorrow, respective counsel for CrossFit, Inc., Greg Glassman, and Lauren Jenai Glassman will meet in Arizona divorce court in front of a Judge who may resolve some of the unanswered questions of this case. CrossFit Inc. has also filed in the Delaware Court of Chancery a request for a temporary restraining order on Lauren’s attempted sale to Anthos. ( WFS

CrossFit holds that as a co-owner of CrossFit, Lauren breached her fiduciary duties to the company by providing confidential company documents to third-parties during the brokering of her deal with Bryan Kelly. Lauren’s counsel admits that she shared confidential information with Anthos.

In order to pursue its claim, CrossFit has requested documentation related to the Lauren’s agreement to sell to Anthos and documented conversations between these parties and her counsel, Bergeson, LLP.

Lauren’s counsel has agreed to share some documents, but refuses to produce some conversations that occurred between April 30, 2012 and June 14, 2012 (the period during which Lauren and Anthos negotiated the terms of their agreement) on the grounds of a common business interest privilege with Anthos.

Lauren’s counsel also refuses to share documents that they describe as pertaining to "Anthos’ plans for CrossFit."
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