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Re: Competing at 60

Originally Posted by Jesse Emers View Post
My advice is to get comfortable with all movements before you really worry about competing. Yes, you need a good coach. There are also countless tutorial videos on the crossfit website about any movement. Make sure you are following proper programming that takes into account proper recovery from workout to workout. It is easy to over-train if you have a competition mindset.

It is true that up until now, the masters comp has excluded these high skill movements. The games get harder and harder each year as the athletes get better, this includes the masters. I can absolutely guarantee you that you will see these movements in the masters competition within the next few years. Anyway, why would you ignore these things when they are so much fun? They take time to learn, but they will be beneficial to your overall performance and confidence no matter what you are actually doing.
Thanks for the response!

I understand that I need to know all the movements..I know I need to work on the Oly lifts in particular.I will also work on the muscle up I just need some coachng on this one.Also I do watch alot of the videos on the web page and thye have been helpful.I am doing a garage game this weekend so we shall see how it goes! They have posted the WOD's so there isn't anything to scary on it.
Not sure where to put myself either!

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