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Competing at 60

Hi there folks!
After seeing the CrossFit games I was amazed at how fit and strong the master women were! It has inspired me to try and make it to the games! I would love to hear from those that are in this age bracket and how you trained.

A little about me..I am a 56 year old female and I have been Cf'ing for 3 years on and off.I come from a competetive bodybuiding circuit so I am not new to the diet.I would like to get to the games for my 60th! I don't have alot of benchmarks to go by but I am striving to get stronger and faster.I believe that many of the competitors do some sort of cycle and then peak for the games.My local box has the so called competition workouts but without alot more coaching these are beyond me.They seem to target the young bucks for these workouts.So where do I start? I know I need to approach the coaches at my box but I like knowing what I am getting into first! Thanks for any input you can give me!

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