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Re: Mumford Procedure and recovery

Originally Posted by Jason Skolnick View Post
Hi dr. Rocket,

Thank you for your response. I met with my doctor today, as it is my one month mark post surgery. I have significant pain in my trap and front/side delt. The doctor was surprised to see that I was feeling how I am. He believes my pain is coming from inflammation and prescribed a six day packet of methyliprednisolon, which I'm not excited about having to take. I am very concerned there is something else wrong with the shoulder. During the surgery he removed some fraying of the labrum, other than that the shoulder looked very strong. At one month are these symptoms normal. My doctor made me very nervous. I've read so many different views on the recovery process that I don't know what to think.

Thank you,

Always tough to give advice over the internet, I do know that it can take awhile and yes people can still have pain at 1 month
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