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Re: Dan's Log

Daniel W.: Thanks for the encouragement! It's good to have people pushing you to do your best. The CF Gym we have on base is nice because there isn't a lot of people to fight for equipment against, but there isn't much competition either. Waiting for the rest of the battalion to get back, then things should get more competitive.

I enjoyed reading over your log as well, doing great man, keep it up!

So, yesterday I couldn't get to the gym, and I got home too late to even try anything, so I did a double today: one at lunch, the other after work with my wife.

Lunch: Thrusters

I was so close to getting 155. I tried again after the WOD, but still couldn't get it. I think next time I'm going to wrap my hands too, because that was ALOT of pressure on my wrists, which I think held me back a bit.

Afternoon: Modified Fight Gone Bad
SDHP 95#: 20, 14, 15
Box Jumps 17in: 40, 31, 36
Push Press 95#: 6, 7, 6
Burpees: 15, 13, 11

Total Score: 207

Thought I was going to puke after the second round, I guess I shouldn't have had that protein shake right before, haha! My PP is weak, I need a LOT more work on them. Those and my burpees, yeah, all kinds of bad.

Keep strong folks!
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