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Re: How long before you saw results

Originally Posted by Keith Dalluhn View Post
I am with Mark on this one. I have been eating Paleo and doing crossfit for a little over a month now. I don't have a scale that will go as high as my weight, but I have had to put new holes in my belts, and I grabbed an old pair of jeans that I kept around to "get back into someday" I was pretty sure they were 52s. My normal size was 54. They were a bit snug, but not uncomfortable. I wore them to go to the mall and have have dinner out. I got home, took them off and looked and they were 48s. That is 6 inches of waist.

"Seeing" results for me is a lot tougher than "feeling" results. I still "SEE" a big fat guy in the mirror. BUT I feel stronger, I feel like I have more stamina, I feel proud that I am doing something. I feel better.

Awesome work!
"Courage is not the lack of fear. It is acting in spite of it." ~ Mark Twain
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