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Re: How long before you saw results

Originally Posted by Milton Brisson View Post
I would also suggest that you start up a thread in the Workout Log section. If you want specific advice about something, you can reference to it. Alot of people here have their workout log linked in the signature, makes it convenient to find...

As for your original question, I started seeing my endurance increase almost immediately, times went down, and reps and weight and weight went up after about two weeks - about a month in my body shape started to change for the better. I have lost about 20#, but I attribute that to cleaning up my diet.

Good luck with CF - and take the advice of previous posters and do not over do it....
I will look into starting a workout log today, thanks to everyone for the great advice and your results. Obviously the big factor is always going to be diet, you can workout as much as you want ut if you eat 5000 cals a day your not going to lose weight
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