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Re: How long before you saw results

I'm not sure how you precisely define progress. Faster times on the metcons relative to the rest of your class? Heavier lifts? And I'm not nitpicking either! As you've been doing this for only a month and the programming at your box probably emphasizes variety, chances are you haven't gotten to see any workout twice yet.

Anyway, I have been doing this for several months, and surprisingly, I have seen a good amount of my improvement the *last few* months, and by improvement I mean my max lifts and my times relative to the rest of the class. Some things that I had to realize:

--The way to make the most improvements in the metcons for *most* people coming in is really to gain strength. It's hard to do "Diane" (21-15-9 225# deadlifts/HSPUs) fast, for example, if your max deadlift isn't that far above 225#, or if you can hardly do a HSPU. It is hard to gain strength if you are overtraining. 4 days on/one day off is 5 or 6 days a week, which is overtraining for probably damn near everyone.

--Many of the workouts require movements that take time and regular repetition for most people to get down. Examples include snatches, overhead squats, cleans, and muscle-ups (especially). As (as mentioned before) the programming at your box probably emphasizes variety, you might see any one of these movements only once every few weeks. It is hard to get proficient at most anything if you only get to do it a couple times a month. So I started to come in to my box about 15 minutes before class to work on a specific movement so I would see it a few times a week. It would be the same movement for a couple months and than after I made enough progress, I'd keep on coming in early but I would move on to something else. For the past couple months it has been overhead squats. I finally did my bodyweight last week. I'm going to keep coming in early, but starting next week I am doing to work on snatches instead.

--Last but not least, you might improve in one thing and not in another. For example, my max lifts have gone up but my ability to crank out ring dips not nearly as much. Well that's because I have put on 15 pounds of muscle mostly in my lower body! All that extra 'junk in the trunk' does add a challenge to pushing myself up on the rings.

So this is what I would advise: Come 3 or 4 times a week (instead of 5 or 6), and when you do come, come into class early or stay late to work on one specific movement--snatches or overhead squats or something else. Keep on working on that movement for a month or two, and then when you make enough progress with that, move on to something else. Eventually you'll get better at most everything.

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