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The Howard Hughes Medical Institute recorded two experts presenting lectures on fat to high-schoolers over two days late last year. The two presenters are researchers whose labs discovered leptin nad work on PPARs, which regulate fat storage. A DVD of the sessions plus other material is available for free from the HHMI website here:

Here's the blurb:
"Features four presentations on obesity by Dr. Ronald M. Evans and Dr. Jeffrey M. Friedman: "Deconstructing Obesity," "Understanding Fat: Syndrome X and Beyond," "Balancing the Fat Equation," and "Exploring Obesity: From the Depths of the Brain to the Far Pacific." Presented at HHMI's 2004 Holiday Lectures on Science. Two-disc set includes four full-length presentations on one disc, detailed chapter search by scientific topic, direct access to animations, English subtitles, interviews with the speakers, and special features on molecular structures of fat, fat metabolism, and measuring obesity. Lecture time approx. 240 min."

I read about this in the HHMI's magazine, subscriptions to which are also available for free, here:

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