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Thank you Elliot,

He. Ok, nice to hear some more reinforcement for taking it easy. On one level, I know this... it's just hard to do.

To clarify the other points:

I've read Sarno's book, as well as the Mackensie stuff, Egosue book, the Kalindra stuff on SI disfunction, and a bunch of medical journal reports on sugical techniques, successes, failures, causative factors... etc.

I've tried, ART, massage, rolfing, acupunture, chiro, crainial sacralsupplements, homeopathic remedies, energy healing, and physio exercises. All provide temporary relief but nothing lasting.

I've read everything I could find on the boards related to back pain (I actually have no pain in my back, it's all glute and lower), disks, herniations, and bulges.

Regarding surgery, while it seems that most people here are rather against it, my understanding of the discectomy is that it is actually extremely effective (88% return to pre-injury level of proformance in a study of disectomys done of 60 olympic and professional atheletes. Avg. re-hab time: 5months). The problem is in choosing the appropriate surgical candidates and in relizing that even with the surgery, the real healing and future prevention is done through the re-hab training.

What the surgery DOES seem to be able to do is prevent incessant re-injury in people with severely compromised spinal canal... as long as they put the time in after.
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