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Re: My backsquat and deadlift numbers

SS is Starting Strength which is both a book and a program.

SS the book is probably the best resource out there for teaching technique on the 5 major lifts--squat, deadlift, bench, press, and power clean. I highly recommend picking it up and reading it, and buying and watching the DVD as well.

SS the program is a linear progression designed to get beginner lifters strong in a hurry, but it doesn't incorporate conditioning. If you want to do a modified version of SS that includes conditioning, check out this program (WFS). That's a link to the program PDF, but the rest of the thread is a good read too, particularly since you mentioned "simple but effective."

Greyskull linear progression is another good option, can't link to it here for various reasons but you can do a Google search for it and either buy the e-book or read the SV forum threads on it.
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