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Re: My backsquat and deadlift numbers

5/3/1 plus CF plus CFE sounds like a good combination to not get any stronger. You can't get better at everything at once, so if you want your lifts to progress you'd be better off cutting back on some of that extra work and doing a strength program with a little bit of conditioning...obviously your situation will depend on what gear you have available, but since you said you're doing 5/3/1 I'm guessing you've got access to a bar and plates and a squat rack.

And no offense, but an L1 cert doesn't really mean you know much about squatting, seeing how it's only taught as an air squat and they don't even touch on stuff like hip drive, low bar vs. high bar, etc. Even after getting my L1 I didn't know anything about squatting until I read SS and did a lot more studying on my own, and I didn't get my squat over 250lbs til I started squatting regularly and dialing back my metcons pretty drastically.

Form work is great, but there's no substitute for getting under the bar and doing progressively heavier work sets. You don't need perfect form to be able to make progress and to do it safely.
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