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Re: My backsquat and deadlift numbers

You just need to squat more, that has a magical way of fixing things. My numbers used to be fairly similar to yours in terms of the disparity between squat and deadlift, but as soon as I started doing a program that had me squatting heavy twice a week they began to converge.

Running marathons isn't going to help any of your strength numbers but you can still improve on your current ones. CF+CFE is also unlikely to get you stronger in a hurry so if you want to put 100lbs on your squat and deadlift in a reasonable amount of time I'd look at something like CFFB, GSLP, 70s Big S&C, or CF/conjugate. But then it all depends on exactly what your goals are.

Posting some squat videos in digital coaching would help us in terms of figuring out if there's any form issues at play.
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