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Re: Down in Jim's Garage

Thursday, Sept. 15 and Friday, Sept. 16
Rested again (5 days in a row...yikes!) and caught up on more stuff

Saturday, Sept. 17

Cycled 15 miles (around 45 mins, didn't push too hard and did some slower riding with another rider while chatting)
3x10 DH pull-ups (these have slipped a bit, but not as bad as I thought)

Took a bit of a break,

Ran 1/2 mile to HS track
1 mile (8:20)
walked 1/4 mile
1 mile (7:35)
Ran 1/2 mile home

Took it kind of easy today since I have a big ride tomorrow, the NJ Gran Fondo bike tour. 104 miles with 7900 ft of hills. Check out the ride profile below. Hills anyone?

Hope my legs hold up after the race last weekend!
50y/5'9"/180 lb
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