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Re: Glen Becks $9 online university 9 classes

Originally Posted by Jamie J. Skibicki View Post

You're going to have to provide an example. All of the research I was exposed to was at least one player down from the public, once the science is there, you still have to build the product.
I don't exactly understand your point, how would it be less than one player down? I was merely saying that the results of computer science/mathematics/biology etc.. do have very real-world applications. It's not all String theory and god knows what. CS = internet security, computer speed/algorithms, computation. Mathematics = discovering terrorist/criminal money transfers, improving any sort of quantitative system (weather predictions?), biology/chemistry = too many to list.

You just said this hard science research had no direct effect on anybody, yet the very computer you use is the product of theoretical research, much of it at public universities or through public funding.